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industry support

I provide industry support to installers, manufacturers, specifiers and training organisations.

Installers, Manufacturers and Specifiers come to me for industry updates with respect to product developments, improved processes, best practices or new industry training programs. Engagement with installers, manufacturers and specifiers is typically done through the ongoing Resin Flooring Group (RFG) membership model. Installers, specifiers may also engage with me through Real World Epoxies for supply or resin flooring products and systems.

Training Organisations come to for guidance or assistance with resin Flooring training programs or to provide industry updates to the greater industry.  Engagement with Training Organisations is typically done through the ongoing Resin Flooring Group (RFG) membership model

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I talk a lot about Resin Flooring product and project support but perhaps not enough about support for businesses. In this post I raise the topic of mergers and acquisitions

A few conversations at the World of Concrete 2020 with various manufacturers and suppliers to better understand their current market and how we can make it mainstream...

There has been a noticeable push from manufacturers and suppliers to offer training for their products. I took the opportunity at this year's World of Concrete to discuss ...

In 2018, reconfiguration of the flooring technology components of the Furnishing Training Package was being considered to ensure alignment with industry skill needs, current work practices and equipment.