USA Resin Flooring market and trends

Whilst at the World of Concrete 2020, I took the opportunity to talk to various manufacturers and suppliers of resin flooring systems. The purpose of these particular conversations was to better understand their current market and its trends, so we can better relate how we can make resin flooring mainstream.

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Haydn Reynolds wrote:
23 Apr '20 1:17am
So true. You see the same mentality in every trade. Classic example is the "good old concretor".

He'll happily put significantly more water in a mix before discharging the concrete to "make it easier to level out and screed".

Except that the reason why the customer had the job done was not to "give him a job" on the day, but because he wanted a good concrete slab for the next 50 years. He has just ruined a good batch of concrete, delivered a substandard product, got paid and if there is a problem that the customer is unhappy about, the Concrete Batching Plant has to be the culprit.

We see customers too who want a coating on the floor of, say, a food processing plant. The owner wants a coating done, but can't let the contractor come in with enough time to do the job properly and thoroughly so it will perform for years, then complains because the floor has problems. He would only give the guy 2 days to strip, prepare, apply and allow to cure instead of 5 days and do the job so he'll be happy for a many times longer period!
Resin Jack
Resin Jack replied with:
29 Apr '20 1:10am
Thanks for your comment Haydn. Part of the problem of speed is that installers fear losing the job if they don't agree to the short shutdown times given. It tends to the installers that have had the bad experience from rushing the process that stick to their guns and say " you either want it fast, or want it to last!". I can't think of the number of times I have been asked for a fast turnaround only to be given the right timeframe to do the job properly when you explain to the client why the faster option is not in their best interest.

Keep smiling @resinjack