Resin Flooring Business Mergers

I talk a lot about resin flooring product and project support but an area that is perhaps not well discussed is the topic of business models – specifically when it comes to working together with other entities or like-minded people.

So to kick off the topic, I wanted to ask what your thoughts and experience was when it came to businesses in the resin flooring industry merging and acquiring.

We see this trend a great deal with larger entities but we don’t seem to see much of it in smaller entities. Why do you think that is? Do we not value what the other parties can bring unless it is significant market share?

I think this topic is going to become more critical if the Resin Flooring industry is truly going to evolve into a mainstream flooring alternative.

So what has been your experience with mergers/acquisitions. How could it be done well for smaller entities that are battling on their own and could benefit from forming a synergistic entity?

Take care and keep smiling