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Many of the solutions I’ve come up with during my time in the resin flooring industry have been added to my business, or led to the creation of entirely new products and services under different brands. These products are available to license.

Below is a short introduction to these established solutions and the problems they solve.

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Resin Flooring Systems

While most homeowners and business owners love the idea of resin flooring, not enough is known about them and there are very few services offering a clear, simple path to the resin floor they want.  

The task isn’t much easier or less confusing for resin flooring installers either. Every product sounds the same and it’s up to them to somehow find the right match for the right job. If something goes wrong, they’re on their own.   

Real World Epoxies fixes these problems by making resin flooring simple.

We do this by focusing on proven, easy-to-choose, solventless flooring systems. With a strong layer of project support added on top, we help homeowners, business owners and installers find the clarity, direction and confidence they’ve been looking for.

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Specialist Flooring Installation

Navy vessels and military bases aren’t ordinary flooring projects.

First and foremost, you need quality flooring systems that can meet the toughest of demands, including the ability to customise and fix problems that others can’t. Systems that are safe and reliable, so work can be done without risk of disruption or harm, and the highest standards are achieved whether it’s hot, cold, wet or dry.

On top of good systems, you also need specialist flooring teams that know what it takes to get great results - meticulous, adaptable and compliant.

Defence Floors is the solution to both.

It’s a unique flooring brand that combines leading industrial coatings and specialist flooring know how to cater specifically for the Defence industry. With a long history of outstanding performance dating back to 2001, including never having a warranty claim, no one is better equipped to successfully manage the flooring needs of Defence.

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Education for Beginners

There is great deal of interest in epoxies right around the globe, however this isn’t a lot of genuinely helpful education for beginners – the start-up contractors, salespeople entering the industry, or even artists/hobbyists trying to understand how these resins actually work.

Unfortunately, many make the mistake of trying to figure it all out off random YouTube videos and lose $1000s trying to copy “experts” that make it look all so easy.

Epoxy School is all about offering a better alternative.

Whether you’re 100% sure epoxies are what you want to be doing, or, just curious and looking for a small taste first, Epoxy School is a great starting point. It has a full start-up course and a collection of shorter courses that give beginners the foundations of successful epoxy flooring, and make sure they’re ready to take the next step.

Learn more about how Epoxy School is solving problems through proper education for beginners at

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Surface Preparation Tool

In Australia, surface preparation for professional installers pretty much begins and ends with grinding. Choose your discs to match the slab as best you can, and then get to it. If the floor isn’t flat, that’s just bad luck and you’ll have to flatten it.

The options don’t really improve when we’re talking between coats either. It’s hit it with a floor sander or nothing.

Because of this “one size fits all” approach, so many installers I’ve talked to over the years have felt real frustration with surface preparation. Frustrated with the cost and hassle of countless combinations of different diamonds; frustrated with the heavy machines they struggle to lift in and out of their vehicles or get up a set of stairs; frustrated with regularly spending days flattening a floor they hadn’t budgeted for!

Diamabrush is a tool that helps end this frustration.

It easily fits onto any swing machine or Polivac, and is fitted with flexible blades that can move with the slab to either prep concrete or sand between coats. After first seeing it in action on a trip to the World of Concrete in the US, I partnered with the original manufacturers to set up Diamabrush Australia and give installers in this country more capability when it came to surface preparation.

Learn more about how Diamabrush is solving problems by giving installers more surface preparation options at

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Project Management Software

Of all the elements that go into the successful installation of a resin floor, project management is neglected most in our industry. Very few people record anything with regards to the projects they take on, and, if something goes wrong, a messy dispute is often the unfortunate outcome.

To fix this problem, we created Floortick.

For installers, we’ve created an easy-to-use, resin flooring specific app that captures all the important details at every stage of the project. From site assessment, through handover, they have a clear, accurate record of what was done and much greater protection when problems arise. 

For specifiers, we’ve poured 20 years of know how into an online tool that enables them to quickly and easily get a good handle on two vital pieces of information - what type of floor their client wants, and what type of floor their client already has. From this, a clear, accurate specification can be written and shared to all parties via an app or email. 

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