Manufacturers Training Benchmark

There has been a noticeable push from manufacturers and suppliers to offer training for their products. I took the opportunity at this year's World of Concrete to discuss the topic and how I feel we can best serve the industry.

If you want to have a look at the industry benchmark I am referring to in the video, click on the following link to see the Australian qualification for resin flooring:

More Consistent Training is Required in the Resin Flooring Industry

Walking around the World of Concrete, the one thing that's also becoming very obvious here, as well as in Australia, is the desire for more training. Clearly there is the demand there from the installer side to become better trained on flooring systems and so forth.

But as I walk around and I see all the different manufacturers offering training, and in fact there's some independent trainers now too, that there's no commonality or standardisation between them.

Standardised Training is needed for Epoxy Flooring

They all have their own programs of what they feel is necessary to cover. Some have assessments, some don't. Some are multiple days, some are less. There's actually no consistency in that training. And that's where I start to think about as an industry to make resin flooring mainstream, our training needs to be a benchmark, to a certain level of consistency, whether it's in this country or another country.

As an example, thin film roll code systems are applied to a certain level no matter where you are. And there should be assessments as well. There actually is that framework in place now. That framework is readily available through Resin Flooring International. That framework got put up and got put under scrutiny.

And it just gives people enough of a skeleton to work for so that you can have consistency, you can have collaboration between countries and entities that want to provide training. Australia's qualification is in line with that framework.

And I encourage any of the manufacturers that want to do training to start to do it in line with that qualification. If you do that, you will deliver consistency. You will have that benchmark. And the training program can never be misconceived for what the agenda is.

It is about educating people on the installation process of those products so resin flooring can be mainstream.

I'm Resin Jack, as always. Take care and keep smiling.