Resin JackAbout

Jack was born in Denmark and lived in Spain before his family migrated to Australia in 1983. Early on he discovered a natural flair for problem solving that led to an Electrical Engineering degree at the University of Southern Queensland and 6 years of project management for an electrical contracting company.

With a desire to run his own business, Jack moved on to form Tech Adhesives in 1999 – a company specialising in 3 resin technologies, of which epoxies became the sole focus. Acquisition of a distribution company (NMP) soon after enabled a full range of epoxy products to be developed and large-scale manufacturing began in 2002. Jack’s first major client was the Royal Australian Navy, which helped shape a product philosophy based on performance without the traditional hazards such as solvents, micronised silica and heavy metals.

Over the years, Jack’s problem-solving abilities and desire to help others has seen his attention drift to the bigger picture of turning resin flooring into a profession that could sit alongside other trades. What started with email bulletins and product demonstration videos (well before blogs and YouTube were the rage), has gone on to include writing a book and creating online training courses for installers all over the world. For Jack, the future is very much about providing world-class resin flooring training on a global level.

Values & Principles

Jack is a big believer that business is all about “people working with people”, and the best relationships are formed when working with those who share similar key values.

The list below helps guide his decisions in life and business, and helps him find the people he works best with:


If you get the context right, the details tend to take care of themselves.

You cannot grow further from what you already know, so continue to learn


Remain objective until you fully understand. Challenge traditional thinking and be prepared to ask the dumb questions

Once, you understand be willing to share your knowledge and experience to help others grow too


Be fair and reasonable to all parties