Solving problems for resin flooring businesses  

Frustrated and stressed with your resin flooring business?

Break free and enjoy greater clarity, direction and confidence.

Jack Josephsen became known as “Resin Jack” while sitting on the committee to create a new Flooring Technology qualification in Australia.

Getting a proper resin flooring stream added to this qualification is just one of the problems he’s solved on his mission to make resin flooring mainstream.

Resin flooring businesses are held back, facing big hurdles or completely stuck because of the confusion that comes from being in an industry that's had no association, qualification, best practices or mainstream presence.

I help resin flooring businesses solve problems, so they can gain more clarity, direction and confidence.

By doing so, I can help build a stronger resin flooring industry that's capable of reaching its full potential and becoming a mainstream flooring option.

If you’ve got a resin flooring problem that you want solving, please get in touch.

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