USA Supplier Overview - adding value to products

During the World of Concrete, it was interesting to walk around and see how many suppliers all seemed to offer the "same thing". However, some of them seemed to attract more people than others. There is a great lesson in this video for anyone supplying the resin flooring industry.

Video Transcription

Why You Should Add Value to Your Resin Flooring Products

I've been walking around the World of Concrete here for the last couple of days, and there was one thing that became really obvious.

There's a lot of suppliers of different products, but they seem to be suppliers of common products or 'me too' products. Things that are perhaps even white labelled and badged with their brand on it and so forth.

What seems to be happening is people are just walking straight past and not taking any notice. The ones where the people are stopping and actually capturing their attention is where the company has started to add value.

Offering something in addition to just a product in a bucket that says it does the same thing as everyone else.

For us, for our industry, resin flooring, to reach mainstream, the focus moving forward is not just about supplying products.

It's how else are you going to value add to what you are actually giving? That's one of the biggest take aways I've had out of this trip to the world of concrete.

I'm Resin Jack, take care and keep smiling.