Valid warrantIES

Every resin flooring project should have a valid warranty that covers manufacturing and installation defects. However, many warranties are now offered as a sales tool with clauses that simply aren't practical. So, what is the answer?

Is Your Epoxy Flooring Warranty Valid?

Today I had a conversation about warranties and I saw a company that was offering a particular warranty, with some clauses in there that were just not possible.

And it reminded me of an old project that I was involved in, which is probably the best example that I have of clauses that were never able to be executed.

"They voided the warranty before it even kicked in"

And this particular warranty was a fire tank in a building. They had to repaint a panel tank that had corroded over time.

In order to repaint it, they had to build another tank that could hold the same amount of water, swap it over, do the work on the fire tank, and then put it back into commission.

The project was given by a company that offered a five year warranty. And I thought that was pretty impressive because all things considered, it wasn't an easy project to do. It's hard to get the quality preparation from the outset.

Always Read the Fine Print of a Warranty

But when I read the fine print of that 5 year warranty, it required the tank to be emptied and inspected every 12 months.

Now, that may seem fair and reasonable for some applications, but considering that this is the fire water for a building, there was no chance that this was ever going to happen!

Now, I don't know if that particular company understood that it was not going to happen. I found it questionable because it didn't seem real...

But that's an example where, you can get a warranty and it could have been a 20 year warranty, it becomes void the minute the first clause or the first inspection isn't met.

And that's the issue I have with longer warranties. Make sure that they are legit, make sure that the company is going to be around and make sure there aren't any silly clauses in there.


So I think warranties and so forth is a massive talking point for residential flooring leaders. It's a big grey area. There is some smoke and mirrors in that. So we need to get that topic out in the open and let's get some comments and feedback, and thoughts into it.

And see if we can develop best practices for our industry around that. So please comment, share your thoughts. If you want to remain anonymous, then email me or call me, whatever you like.

Let's get talking about this topic. It's an important one.

I'm Jack Josephsen, and as always, take care and keep smiling.