Silverback series - Chris Norris - Flake Flooring

I'm a firm believer that our industry will not evolve fully unless we learn from those that have years of experience. I affectionately refer to them as our silverbacks.

On this occasion I was invited out on a job site to see how Chris went about doing a flake flooring system in a residential double garage.

It's always good to see how the floor is done, but while I was there I also took the opportunity to ask Chris some questions around his planning at different stages of the project to see what we could learn.

In this first video below, we discuss planning for the flake basecoat:

In the second video below, we discuss planning for the flake topcoat:

In the final video below, we discuss his choice in flake flooring system:

I learn something every time I go to a job site and speak to an installer. They've all had to learn many lessons the hard way, and, because there are value in those lessons, many installers are reluctant to share. Chris is one of those installers that understands the vision to "make resin flooring mainstream", and I want to thank him for sharing.