Poor Concrete Floor

Resin flooring relies on a sound substrate in order to produce a successful resin floor. So what happens when the concrete floor is not up to standard?

I got to bring up a frustrating topic, which is to do with the state of concrete. I don't know what's happened in the last 10 to 15 years, but concrete and the concrete finishing seems to be getting worse.

Concrete Not Meeting Standards

I can't explain it, but the scenario There is an Australian standard (e.g. minimum dips, hollows and pumps, like three millimeters over a three meter span). But when I go on-site, still the concrete doesn't meet that. minimum standard.

And yet the expectation on us is in the epoxy flooring business is that even though we're only applying a film that's less than a millimeter thick, we're going to be dealing with these undulations. These are self smoothing products because people still want flat floors. They still want it to look like a showroom finish.

The New Way

But that's the old way. So how do we get to the point where the new way is that we get better specifications? Understanding about concrete so that specifiers, consumer, the builders, and so on, know what they have to do if they're planning for a resin floor.

Now I get it. If there was no planning at all for a resin floor, then they have to take that into account and spend money re-levelling, setting the levels again. But there are so many new projects that are being built and the standard comes out and it's a shocking looking floor. And yet flooring technicians are asked to be magicians and we're not. We have physical properties to deal with.


So that's one of those frustrations that gets me every time I walk onto a slab, and I'm sure it gets you. So tell me some of those things that you felt when it comes to things that are preventable as far as the state of the concrete. What are some of the frustrations you felt? Write down in the comments there. Now if you like the video, then give the thumbs up and share it.

We need to talk more about these types of issues if we are going to shift to the modern world, professionalise the resin flooring industry.

I'm Jack Josephson. You'll see this video on other videos on realworldepoxies.com. So write that comment please. And also other questions. I love getting the questions because that's what these videos are all about.

As always, take care, keep smiling.