mix tidy prototype

Mix Tidy is a new development designed to give resin flooring installers a portable mix camp that enables them to mix cleanly. In the video below I demonstrate how it unfolds for immediate use, and also show how I'd typically set up in the space with regards to tools and equipment.

The purpose of showing you the prototype now is because I'd really appreciate your thoughts and feedback. 

Feel free to add your comments below, or send me a message if you'd like to do so anonymously.

PS. For the suppliers out there, I would also appreciate your thoughts on co-branding the Mix Tidy.

Video Transcription

When I go to job sites, I'm always interested in the little details that make a difference. And one of those things that has always been plaguing me, has been this concept of setting up a mix camp, a mix station where you mix your product.

And the reason why it kind of bothers me is, because I see everything from no mix camp, people just mixing straight on the floor, through to bits of cardboard, a piece of carpet, all these sorts of things.

But really I keep thinking there's a better way there. There's got to be some way that we can produce a portable mix station that is consistent and contains our mess.

And so I went about figuring out how to do that. And today I wanted to just show you a prototype that I've been working on to get your feedback. I want to understand how I can improve this, how I can make this better.

I've called it mixed tidy. It's flat packs, as you can see. And the idea is that we can ship it cost effectively around the country. It sits on a pallet, and then when you come out to site, it opens up and it's ready to use.

And when you're done, you can close it up and put it back into your van or your vehicle.

So I'll load up with the products, the things that I typically put in a mix camp so you can get the feel for what it's about.

Okay, so here's my setup.

Mix jugs. I like to keep them separate.

Part A, part B and spatulas for each one, mix container, my product part A, B, if I've got pigment and so forth. I've got my solvent and my rags.

I can work in this space. It's clean, I can step out if I need to go and do something.

Anything that's dirty gets to hang on the inside. And obviously I can position it how I want.  

We do our job and when we are done, we can just pack it up, fold it up again, and off we go.

Now we're not spilling the product out on the floor, we're not leaving drips and so forth in places that catch us out, whether that's on a client's driveway or whatever, but this is what it's about.

So what do you think? Is that going to work? Is that something that you could see yourself using on a site?

Now this isn't aimed at the large scale contractor that's trying to mix up 50 buckets. This is aimed at the smaller, one to three man operator, who can go in, set up quickly, get consistency, get something that looks great and get the job done.

What's your feedback? What do you think? What should this cost? What would you be prepared to pay for that? It's obviously reusable, it folds up. You can use it again and again. If you damage it and break it and well then you're going to have to replace it. But what do you think? I'd really appreciate your feedback on this.

So as always, I'm Resin Jack. Take care and keep smiling.