mix tidy prototype

Mix Tidy is a new development designed to give resin flooring installers a portable mix camp that enables them to mix cleanly. In the video below I demonstrate how it unfolds for immediate use, and also show how I'd typically set up in the space with regards to tools and equipment.

The purpose of showing you the prototype now is because I'd really appreciate your thoughts and feedback. 

Feel free to add your comments below, or send me a message if you'd like to do so anonymously.

PS. For the suppliers out there, I would also appreciate your thoughts on co-branding the Mix Tidy.

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Tony Perkins wrote:
16 Jul '20 11:55pm
I Like the idea. I also agree with Chris, lower sides, a bit larger footprint as it’s crowded. I do like to sit on a bucket while mixing. The open joint is a possible leakage issue. Generally I use a cheap tarp 6’x8’. I can usually get 2-3 uses out of one.
Resin Jack
Resin Jack replied with:
17 Jul '20 6:10am
Thanks Tony for the comment. I did respond to lower sides, open joint comment below. A larger footprint would be ideal but I became conscious of having to ship it on standard pallets.

I really appreciate the comments and if you do have more to add then please do so.

As always... Take care and keep smiling

Chris Norris wrote:
16 Jul '20 11:24pm
Hi Jack, Great idea and long over due! Heading in the right direction I think. My thoughts - I like my stool to sit on while I mix - easier on the back! I don't like the open join down the middle which could allow leakage onto the floor. Sides a bit high maybe?

I cant help feeling its hard to beat a piece of black polythene that can just be rolled up and binned!
Resin Jack
Resin Jack replied with:
17 Jul '20 6:06am
Hi Chris, Thanks for your input. The open join is a bit uneven with my prototype but it is something that I can overcome with cloth tape but for it to easily flatpack, it needs to be there. Interesting comments on the height of the sides, as I have had the comment about a foot higher sides but perhaps only 3 sides.

Is it easier to just buy and throw out a piece of corflute each time... yes it is but most people don't seem to do it... and that woudl not save splatter accidents.... Perhaps it is easier to buy a mixtidy with the next order?? Thanks again.... keep smiling @resinjack