electric power trowels

Back in 2007 I saw my first battery-powered power trowel used for resin flooring. I don't see many of them being used in the field, so I thought I'd post some videos to showcase their capability.

The first one is a battery model similar to the one I first saw, made by Scanmaskin:

I wonder if this hand-held battery type can be adapted to resin flooring?

Here is a larger electric model. It does use an electric cord, but shows you how efficiently you can finish off a trowel-down epoxy floor.

Do you use power trowels at the moment in your resin flooring projects?

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Howard Johnson wrote:
31 Oct '21 10:20pm
Please get yourself some real knee boards for your demo. Otherwise, interesting. Glad to see electric power trowels in the face of climate disruption. Just not sure what I want to buy yet.