Resin JackAboutPiperat

Piperat was the first company Jack set up as a 50/50 partnership back in 2003. Its goal was to commercialise a single-operator, single-entry, trenchless pipe repair system that was viewed as groundbreaking for the plumbing industry at the time.

The partnership was made up of Drain Vision, the plumbing company that had seen the opportunity and formed the original concept, and Jack’s company National Maintenance Products, which had developed a specialist adhesive for the system.

At the time, Jack had recently overseen the commercialisation of other products in his business and was able to provide much of the necessary “backend” to bring the technology to market. This included setting up trademarks, design protection and patent application in Australia and the US.

Unfortunately, this venture was Jack’s first real-world lesson in the importance of values and the challenge of forming partnerships with the right people that share the same business outlook. After having successfully commercialised the product, it became clear both parties were pulling in different directions and the concept was shelved.