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Floorchef is a supply and apply brand of resin flooring that has been responsible for many “firsts” in Jack’s career.

It was his first serious move into decorative flooring, after specifiers had started to drag his eco-certified industrial coatings into homes, shops and showrooms back in 2006. Jack soon realised this market was very different and a simple crossover was never going to work, so he took the drastic step of starting again from a blank canvas.

After two years of continuous development, he came up with a ground-breaking business model that could deliver a brand promise unlike anything else on the market:  

At Floorchef, we don’t just sell flooring products, we sell finished floors. Gourmet resin floors to be exact!  

After a successful launch in Australia, Jack decided to put Floorchef on the world stage by exhibiting at the 2012 World of Concrete in Las Vegas. Following the tremendous enthusiasm, feedback and support received during the event, Jack ticked off another milestone by establishing his first international business venture, FLOORChef LLC.  

Momentum continued to build in both countries, with high levels of interest from consumers, specifiers and installers alike. However, the burden of funding two start-ups at the same time eventually took its toll and it was decided to wind down the US company.  Although it wasn’t an easy experience, it did teach Jack a number of critical lessons and, most importantly, allowed him to prove the Floorchef model could work in a foreign market, from local manufacturer through to satisfied flooring customer.  

In 2016, other business opportunities were demanding more time and the Floorchef license for Australia was handed over to another company - another first for Jack. To this day, Floorchef continues to operate successfully and deliver gourmet resin floors for its customers.

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