the simple tools

We often talk about buying bigger grinders, better vacuums, hippo mixers. These are all great tools and they improve your efficiency but sometimes it is the simple tools that make a big difference. I wanted to take the opportunity to take a light hearted look at some of the simple tools that we typically wished we had before we needed them.

From a manufacturers perspective, they will try to use containers that have the best possible seal to ensure minimal leakage but also less risk of damage in transport when containers are squashed. However the downside is that the opening of these tighter seals is harder. I have heard installers talk about have bleeding fingers from opening up 15lt plastic pails. If that is you, then you would appreciate the first simple tool shown that I would suggest live in your tool bag.

Perhaps the problem is more to do with getting a screw top lid off a jerry can. These types of containers have a gasket with tamper evident seal but if there is any moisture cured urethane trapped in the gasket, it is near impossible to get the lid off without a tool. So you can either invest in one "right" tool or you might get stuck on site trying to "negotiate" the lids off with three, or more, wrong tools...

The final tool I wanted to mention, is not a necessity, as tin or plastic pigment containers can be opened up using other tools, but when you hear of installers having to hold the pigment pot up next to their chest to prise it open, you know that pigment will end up on the installer as soon as the lid comes off. So to save yourself the laundry bill each time you open pigment containers, I would suggest you invest in one of these little tools.

So what are some of the other "simple tools" that you have learnt should be in every resin flooring installers toolbox?

Take Care and keep smiling

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