HOW i help business owners

Problem solving has always been a big part of my life and something I really enjoyed, but I never really understood why. Even as a child it was just something I did – for myself, my family and others.

Over the years I’ve come to figure out there was a reason for all this.  By solving problems for other people, I could satisfy my own natural desire for learning and growth, and deliver real value for whomever I met along the way. Without realising it, I had created a great win-win scenario that has served me well.  

These days, I apply the same problem solving process I’ve perfected over my lifetime to help resin flooring businesses solve their problems.

(Flooring Products & Markets)

To help people and offer any value,
I work hard to understand their problems first.

Engage Industry

I engage with my network of customers, colleagues, peers and experts across the globe.

Challenge Traditional
Thinking & Practices

I get a feel for how things are done and question how they could be made simpler..


I use my experience, skills and
knowledge to come up with possible solutions.

Develop Solutions

I get hands on to experiment and formulate possible solutions.

Prove Solutions

I conduct tests and trials wherever possible to prove real-world viability of my ideas.

Products & Services

I offer resin flooring businesses established products and services.


I offer resin flooring businesses help through education, planning and strategy.


I build communities, partnerships, committees and associations to support and create positive change.

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