What I learnt about slip testing

Having recently undertaken a number of slip tests for new resin flooring systems, it became clear that there were some gaps in the testing protocol. Here is what I learnt...

Let me know what you have learnt about slip testing... whether it be in a lab or insitu.

Take Care and keep smiling


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Clayton Shull wrote:
25 Feb '21 10:29pm
Saw your video on Linkedin. This video is excellent. I agree with you, that this is a standard is based on past flooring. But now that epoxy flooring is a mainstream flooring, the standard for slip resistance needs to be upgraded. It will help it sell better for the intended use.
Resin Jack
Resin Jack replied with:
26 Feb '21 4:03am
Thanks for your comment Clayton. Hopefully our industry can continue to evolve and raise our levels to ensure we are a solid contributor in mainstream flooring standards. Take Care and keep smiling @ResinJack