Bull nosing problems

Lets talk Bull... nosing. The curved section of concrete at the entrance is the area that incurs the most impact. Is there a better way to design these areas?

So what are your thoughts. How do you like to tackle the bullnose, particularly if you have a high impact area like a car mechanic.

Take care and keep smiling

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Scott Cameron wrote:
25 Jan '21 12:53am
It is a problem, and fibre would give heaps of extra strength. We would make as rounded as possible . Sometimes we make a epoxy ramp. I find the bigger problem is when the epoxy touches the driveway concrete( no able flex) and it moves and lifts the coating off the lip of the step. To solve this we gap fill the expansion and tape above the joint.
Resin Jack
Resin Jack replied with:
9 Feb '21 6:00am
Thanks for the input Scott. I think your approach is common for damaged bullnoses. What would you do in this particular case... the bullnose was new and I wonder if you would cut and chip it out and install an epoxy mortar bullnose, knowing that if you don't it will break up as per the example provided.

Thanks again for your input. Take Care and keep smiling @ResinJack
Corey Donchi wrote:
20 Jan '21 8:03am
Fiberclass banners
Resin Jack
Resin Jack replied with:
9 Feb '21 6:02am
Hey Corey, you might need to elaborate a bit on that comment for me. I could guess your typo involves using fibreglass in your repair mix... Keep smiling @ResinJack