Warehouse epoxy rollcoat Q & A

Some footage of a two-coat epoxy rollcoat project I did by myself in a 125 square metre/1400 square foot warehouse.

For a bit of extra interest, I did the installation with and without spiked shoes, and also took the time to share answers to some questions that were raised by other installers when they watched the video.

It was a bit hard to see the finish in the recorded time lapse, so here are a couple of still shots:

The rollcoat used has a very gentle ripple texture (below left), which makes it more forgiving with dust and other contamination. This was a very handy feature considering a storm blew in just after I had finished applying and deposited a lot of contamination onto the floor.

PS. The storm also blew this little guy onto the floor as well. I'm happy to say no geckos were harmed though as I managed to free him the next morning.

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