Silica-free filler for epoxy resin flooring

I was asked to come up with an alternative to traditional sand fillers for resin flooring applications. The main focus was to remove the risk of silica, but other parameters like hardness and chemical inertness are also important.

Below is an introduction video that discusses the requirements and why this particular problem is important for our industry as a whole.

The second video I shot shows the repair and discusses the potential of the silica-free product, including how else we could use it.

So what did you think about a silica-free filler blend? Would you substitute the current fillers you use for epoxy resin flooring applications if such a product was available?

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Richard Mactaggart
Richard Mactaggart wrote:
18 May '20 9:53am
Very interesting Jack. Would love to see how a 2:1 or 3:1 mix behaves. I have a specific job in mind that I would love to team up with you (again) and I know the client would be very interested in the health benefit of being silica free.
Resin Jack
Resin Jack replied with:
19 May '20 5:32am
Hi Richard, thanks for the comment. I have done some mixes now upto to 4:1. I will keep you posted. Keep smiling @resinjack