is the slab good enough for coating?

During a recent site visit, I was confronted with a particularly bad slab in a garage and asked if I thought it was good enough for a resin floor coating. If it was, what would I recommend as the best way to proceed?

I thought this was a great example to discuss with the global resin flooring network as we all would've seen similar slabs before, but we might have slightly different opinions on how to tackle it (if at all).

Below is a couple of photos showing the slab halfway through surface preparation. You can see there's an existing grey coating that has partially peeled/flaked off, and the concrete is heavily pitted in some areas.

A close up shows that the existing coating wasn't very strong (possibly a water-based epoxy), and from the look of the concrete underneath, there's a question mark on whether it was prepared before the coating was applied. 

Below is a close up the prepared concrete and a spot where I had a bit of a dig with a chisel to see how soft the slab was.

So, what do you think? Is the concrete suitable for resin flooring? If so, how would you go about installing the flake floor the client was hoping for?