Recording project details with the Floortick apps

I was recently asked how I go about recording the progress of my projects while on a job site. The short answer is: an app I developed called Floortick.

The longer answer needs to go back a long time to give a bit more context.

Having been involved with Defence projects for over 18 years now, I was very familiar with the record keeping paper trail that's expected by the Royal Australian Navy on each project. However, when it came to everyday resin flooring projects outside of defence applications, the challenge was to make a really easy and quick way to gather the necessary information.

I felt that we should be able to do it electronically/digitally, and my first attempt at developing an app for our industry was back in 2012. Let's just say it was tremendously powerful, but far too complicated for the real world. I put that $10k lesson down to "paying for my education".

My second attempt at an app is called Floortick. Although it's just as powerful as the original version, the ease of use enables anyone to collect the vital information on their resin flooring projects, including photos, batch numbers, handover signatures etc.

The first video below shows you how I use the Floortick app to record the site details at time of initial inspection. The "Spec Check" steps you through all the key areas to look at and discuss with your client at the time of inspection. At the end, you have the ability to capture the client's signature for approval, and save all the details in the one pdf for easy storing and/or emailing.


The second video below steps through the "Project Vault" app, which is aimed at capturing all the essential details of the resin project, from start to final handover. Guidance is provided throughout making it easy to produce a comprehensive report that can be used for compliance, warranty claims, or even just to store away as part of your quality control system. 

Again at the end of the project, you have all the details and photos in the one pdf document.


If you have any questions then do not hesitate to ask. I would really like to hear how you record your site details.

For more information on the app, you can click on

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