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Community for Installers

For the last 20 years I have spoken to thousands of installers in Australia and around the world, and I know how isolated resin flooring can be. Even more so, being a business owner of any kind can be a VERY lonely place.

A few years ago, I realised this all had to change. If resin flooring was to reach its full potential and become an industry people wanted to work in, we had to start pulling together and learning off each other.

Instagram and other social media platforms are great places to see what people want you to see. My experience has been that people only post their best, and yet, what we all want to learn from are the things that didn’t work; to be able to talk like-minded peers in our industry that are all riding the same rollercoaster.

Resin Flooring Club aims to fill this gap.

It’s an online community for resin flooring installers to engage with each other as people. To learn, share, buy, sell, and, most importantly, build relationships together.

My hope is that all the resin flooring installers out there embrace the opportunity to have a platform where they can leave the "ego" at the door and communicate openly and honestly for the good of all.

Learn more about how Resin Flooring Club is solving problems by building a community of resin flooring installers at

Note - Initially there was also a commercial element to the club, with discounts and special offers from selected suppliers, however it didn’t work and I admit it was something I got wrong. Please watch the video below for more on that story.