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Success is peace of mind

Success is peace of mind

We have been taught all sorts of definitions and metrics of success. Every person will have their own thoughts on the subject. For me I realised that every measure that I had been taught was simply not providing me with an adequate measure. They all felt hollow, partial and incomplete. It has taken me over 5 years to come to the conclusion that success is a state of mind.

A balanced state of mind that has taken mind, body and soul into account. It is this balance that enables a holistic measure of success. When you reach this state of mind you become outward focussed rather than inward focussed. You are not thinking "survival", you are now thinking "improvement" and often more about the impact on others than just yourself.

To live with peace of mind, enables me to feel fulfilled, content and enables me to genuinely smile... from within. Being a state of mind means that there are events, reactions and things that can happen that can knock you out of this peace of mind. This is normal, the key is that once you get this glimpse of living with peace of mind it becomes easier to find the balanced state of mind again.

The way that I got myself to this state of mind was using what I call my Real World Purpose compass. This virtual compass enables me to make decisions about all aspects of my life and instantly gauge whether the next decision is going to bring me closer to my Peace of Mind.

Do you live with peace of mind? If not why not?

Take Care and Keep Smiling

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