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Real World Purpose - every aspect of your life

Real World Purpose - every aspect of your life

We have gotten so used to segmenting out aspects of our lives that we somehow think that they all function independently of each other. That you can have a happy left hand and an unhappy right hand. Or happy body and unhappy mind.  Unhappy job and happy personal life.  

Everything is interconnected, interdependent and equally important.

So when it comes to identifying one aspect of your life and trying to improve it you can't do so at the expense of something else. That is exactly what most people do. They pursue a goal aimed at a specific target and then think that when they get that target they can fix the things that they have neglected.

Life's simplest examples of that is people's pursuit of wealth only to sacrifice physical or mental health, family, friends or worse….

This affects all walks of life but it is most tangible for me when we talk about business owners. Mainly because I am one, I have lost my balance,  was bitten by the black dog of depression and have realised that what went through was avoidable. In the pursuit of finding balance I started to question happiness, genuine contentment and fulfilment. This goal I pursued was it actually going to make me happy, when would I have enough. I started with nothing and was very appreciative of the little things. As I advanced in my pursuit I kept thinking it seemed my expectations also advanced so even though I was much better off than when I started I did not feel that way. I had made all this progress and I did not celebrate my success and what I had. I was not content or fulfilled however I had done charitable things along the way that gave me immense pleasure and the feeling of contentment and yet did not materialistically benefit from them.

It made me think that charity was the thing that made me content. It was to see degree but when it lost its tangible aspect I realised it was not the concept of charity that felt fulfilling it was part of it.

I, like many others, felt that fulfillment came when I was wanted or needed. It was partially right except that it was not spot on. I felt content when I could contribute. When I could help understand a problem better, solve a problem, develop a solution or service to overcome the problem.

This self analysis eventually painted me a picture as to what I have materially done since I was in control of my own actions. Whether it was buying a car, organising a home loan or running a business. When I had gone through this process personally I realised how beneficial it was to me in all aspects of my life. It have me a different perspective On balance a perspective that was clearer, more complete, intertwined rather than fuzzy intangible and segregated.

I am personally on the path of contentment. It is not a goal but a path that you can only take one step at a time. You are balanced, in tune with the present moment. You are appreciative of what you have and yet you are on a journey following your natural ways. As all things in Life there is ups and downs but I don't look at them as good and bad things  I don't take them personally anymore. They are just things that happen around me or to me as I travel down this path. It is ok because I know this is the path I am meant to be on.

The direction does change naturally. You can't plan the end destination you can only take one step at a time, remain in balance.

Take Care and Keep Smiling
Resin Jack

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